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  • Liam's Story

    Liam and his family explain how managing his personal health budget made a difference to his life

  • Ben's story

    Ben explains how his personal health budget enabled change, making his life easier

  • Claire's Story

    YouTube clip of Claire's family explaining how taking control of her Personal Budget made such a positive impact on Claire's life

  • Dylan's story

    Dylan talks about how his personal wheelchair budget has saved money and given him independence

  • Zainabs story

    Zainab describes why care and support planning is important to her

  • Claire V's story

    Claire talks about the difference a shared decision making approach has made to her

  • Stephen's story

    Stephen explains how gaining skills and knowledge ensured a better healthy lifestyle

  • Neil Slatter

    Neil's patient story - how Continuing Healthcare and a Personal Health Budget improved his quality of life

  • Julie's Story

    Julie's reflection of Different Strokes

  • Martin's Story

    Martin's reflection of Different Strokes

  • Dave's Story

    Dave's reflection of Different Strokes

  • Stories which can be used to support training

    Patient stories which have been filmed to support staff with developing their understanding of personalised care