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The Personalised Care Group at NHS England and NHS Improvement has developed an exciting and innovative online personal development programme aimed at people with lived experience who are committed to working collaboratively with the system to shape and influence how health and care is delivered.

Peer Leaders can help the NHS better understand the requirements of people who use personalised care services, especially those who are living with a long-term health condition, disabled people and family carers.

Who is the programme aimed at?

The development programme is split into 4 steps and is mainly aimed at people with long-term health conditions and disabilities who could benefit from personalised care. The programme is rooted in the perspective of people with relevant lived experience of personalised care, so their voices and reflections are woven throughout. But, Step 1 and Step 2 are also suitable for a wider audience including people working in the health, care and voluntary sectors.

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Images-1.jpg Images-11jigsaw copy.jpg   Images-build9.jpg   Images-steps4.jpg