Personalised Care Programme Manager for Wessex Cancer Alliance

What people appreciate about me

I am always happy to make tea.

I am easy to talk to.

I like to meet new people and build relationships with people I work with.

What is important to me

  • Working as part of a team is important to me, I learn and am inspired most from the people around me. I love the sense of community that you get from working in healthcare, whilst making friends and building connections within that community.
  • I love being creative and enjoy opportunities to think and be creative in my role. Generally, I do my best thinking and come up with ideas when I step away, often whilst I am out walking my dog across the fields, my brain is better able to mull things over and new ideas emerge. This is my favourite time of the day and I feel ready to change the world!  My perfect day would probably involve a long dog walk on a cold, crisp morning with a blue sky overhead. 
  • Family is very important to me, although they do not live nearby, it is important to me to spend time with family regularly. I talk to my sister Jess most days, sometimes more than once (often about nothing in particular, this help me feel I am part of her world wherever she is).
  • I am lucky my partner is an amazing cook and his Sunday dinners are a favourite part of my week.  Food is a big thing in my house, along with test cricket and tea (lots of tea!)

How to support me

  • I am a reflector and I struggle to give opinions or make decisions on the spot. I prefer time to think things through and prepare (particularly if I need to interpret reports or large amounts of text).
  • Spelling is not my strong point and I don't notice my own mistakes (I won't be offended by corrections - I would prefer this to spotting a mistake later!)
  • I get many emails relating to different projects and my different roles.  If you haven't heard from me and need a quick reply this doesn't mean it is not important to me.  Please feel that you can remind me or phone me directly.