Responsible Officer for Personalised Care, Clinical Lead & GP

What people appreciate about me

  • My ability to believe in them and get the best out of a team
  • My optimism
  • My 'patient centredness'
  • My tenacity and my ability to adapt
  • My ability to see 'the bigger picture'
  • My flapjacks / baking / cooking

What is important to me

  • My family and friends and our dog
  • Our home
  • Our health and ability to walk in the beautiful countryside
  • My job and my ability to help our team and others be the best they can be
  • To implement evidence based changes thoughtfully so that people 'get it'
  • To raise standards, join up services (and people) and learn every day
  • To think more broadly than 'sickness' and know we have taken stepst to 'help people live healthy lives'

How to support me

  • Be kind to each other
  • Be fair
  • Be ambitious - aim high
  • Always think about what our patients experience so that we can improve what we do
  • Work as a team
  • Be patient with each other
  • Don't judge harshly but seek to understand better
  • Communicate well and clearly
  • Help me to find our 'common purpose' post Covid and align our priorities