Personalised Care Project Coordinator

What people appreciate about me 

My plain speaking (northern trait), friendliness, empathic, sense of humour and extravert nature, help put people at ease and feel comfortable in my company as I am easy to talk to. I find myself bonding with people I have just met and building a rapport that feels like we have been friends for a long time.

Work colleagues have commented on my loyalty, my organisational skills, bubbly character and adaptability. Adapting to change is not a natural trait of mine (or of anyone's I would guess), it is one I have learned to embrace and now I really do get the value of it. Bring it on!

More often than not, I become the social secretary of a team, organising lunches out, birthday cards etc. I organise these social events because I am a people person, I love being sociable and I love planning to be sociable.

What is important to me

  • Being a spiritual person, I care about our planet. I am not an activist but I do feel strongly about issues such as carbon footprints, deforestation, animal welfare and the like.
  • Down time is very important to me, I strive to maintain a balance in all things, including work/life. If I can find the time to quieten my mind, I can think and react much more clearly and timely during my busy periods. Mindfulness really does work (could talk for hours on that one!)
  • I am flexible, however my non-work time is very important to me. I have my own business, working as a Reiki Master and psychic medium, and so this reduces my non-work time to so little that I protect it wherever possible.
  • I work hard and I play hard, am dedicated to my work and the importance of being able to chat to colleagues, making them smile and laugh and lifting the mood. I can also be a bit of a team mum; I will nag if you have skipped lunch or not left your desk in too long!
  • Family time, doggie cuddles and meeting up with friends are all important to me; they all help keep me grounded. I love spending time in nature, out in the forest or down by the sea. I can spend hours losing myself in nature.
  • I have a creative flair which means I love getting my teeth into anything creative, ask me to pretty up a power point presentation or create a colourful flow chart and I will bite your hand off!
  • At work, courtesy, appreciation and strong coffee all brighten my day.

How to support me

  • Tell me the whole story; make sure I know everything I need to know or at least know where to source the knowledge if you are tasking me with something. I find having to backtrack, undo or redo work simply because someone did not tell me something quite challenging.
  • Be fluffy! Tell me a joke, ask about my day, share your day with me – all important stuff to balance out our relationship.
  • Be on time, lateness is rudeness (a wise man once told me that). Being late can be interpreted as a lack of respect.
  • Bear with my questioning, it is how I learn. I like to digest and fully understand before I run with something and sometimes this means I will ask questions.
  • Ask me to proof read your document if you are not hot on spelling or grammar. I am no expert but working in a university instilled in me the ability to spot an error and once I have seen it, I cannot un-see it and it will drive me crazy!