Personalised Care Programme Manager

What people appreciate about me

My ability to listen non-judgementally and hopefully provide support to others to help solve problems; my common sense and practical approach to problem solving; honesty. Motivating and supporting others to obtain their goals.

Generally – my calm approach to situations and optimism – and my ability to smile through almost any situation.  

My unusual use of language, quirkiness, silliness and creativity.

What is important to me

  • My family – I have a wonderful and very large extended family and it is very important that I can spending time with them and being there to support them when they need it.
  • My mum and dad – 2 of my best friends; I like to be able to hang out with them most weekends and to cook for my mum so she can have a break.
  • My lovely big retired racing Greyhound – Buster!
  • Going on adventures with my friends – many of my friends are dispersed around the UK and the world – having time to catch up with them is really important.
  • Being Kind - if you can be anything you can be Kind – although it isn’t always easy, I try to live my life through this motto.
  • Honesty - I’d rather people told me the truth rather than hide how they are feeling or get frustrated.
  • Staying fit and healthy – eating well (and lots!!) and staying active whether that is running, climbing, tennis, badminton, press up challenges or any other sport. I have endless amounts of energy which needs burning!
  • Reading – this for me is the ultimate relaxation method.

How to support me

  • I’m a very reflective person – and find long meetings very tiring, to get the best from me I need time to think and that means papers in advance or after a meeting having some time by myself to think and process the information.
  • A walk – I do some of my best thinking when walking or running; to solve a problem I will often go for a walk for 30 minutes and come back with a plan of action. If I’m looking stressed or if I look like l’m struggling with my thoughts suggest a walk.
  • I’m constantly hungry, and often have low iron levels, which means I am always snacking and eating and often having to go from one meeting to another means I will eat during meetings.
  • Tell me to take a break (at home and at work) – I tend to live my life at 4000 miles an hour; sometimes I need to be told to put my feet up and chill out a bit.