Graduate Management Trainee

What people appreciate about me

I strive to be kind to others and listen to them and help them to the best of my ability. I am supportive and have a knowledgeable mind which often allows people to use me as a soundboard, but I am curious and want to learn even more. I always try to be as honest as possible and will always tell you my feelings in an open way.

What is important to me

  • My family- who have helped me achieve so much already and have been very supportive when things have not gone my way.
  • I have a network of friends that is small but effective, and different people from different countries and areas across the UK that has come from my time at university and from travelling
  • I value independent time where I can understand what I need and to relax- whilst I enjoy social interaction, I often find myself needing time alone to reset and understand where I am and how I am feeling
  • Being outdoors and discovering new places- staying active is of real importance and helps me switch off, but also to evaluate- I will often wander the streets talking to myself about things that are going on
  • Eating well- I need to eat well and stay hydrated to be able to function properly
  • Being curious about the world- having an understanding of cultures, current affairs and how we interact with one another
  • Progressing my career to become the best professional I can be- I want to be able to say that I put my abilities to good use and to help the people and organisations I work for
  • Talking to people- I have learnt that to overcome challenges and hardship, letting other people know about how you feel is really important, no matter what it is.

How to support me

  • I am a reflector, so I find it hard to contribute and to dissect in the moment- often my thoughts and opinions are made after an event has happened, so allow me to do so and come back to you
  • I also will not understand everything at the time of discussion or at the outset. Ask me if I properly understand things and if I need anything explaining so I feel like I know what I need to
  • Let me talk through things- as a reflector I will often ramble quite a bit but that is important in letting all the information out and for me to develop my thinking- be ready to challenge me to allow me to understand things
  • Make sure I don’t under-estimate myself- I tend to have high standards of what I should be achieving, both in professional and personal worlds. I sometimes need to be told its OK to be struggling
  • Indulge in my somewhat quirky way of looking at the world