Chief Executive Hampshire Hospitals Foundation Trust

What people appreciate about me

Approachable, supportive, friendly, optimistic, interested, intelligent.  

I love hearing about what matters to other people and understanding their passions. I am competent and get things done. I am reliable and can be trusted to do a good job. I am also able to see through data and information to understand what it is telling us and people appreciate that. I value other people and care about how they feel.

What is important to me

  • Doing a good job – being worthy of the responsibility I have and making a difference
  • Supporting people who are motivated to progress through mentoring, support and coaching.
  • The amazing NHS and the way it meets people’s needs throughout their lives, and the incredible people who I am privileged to work alongside.
  • System working – working in partnership with people from other organisations, other sectors and other professions. Doing the right thing for patients, staff and tax payers and not letting organisational barriers get in the way.
  • Patients shaping care – doing the things which really matter to the people we serve.
  • My husband, Paul, and his business – Crackle Rock Brewing Company. We book 5 or 6 days off each year as Paul and Alex days when we spend the day together.  These days are really important to me.
  • My son Jack who is 18 and works so hard and my daughter Charlotte who is 16 and clever and sociable and kind. We completed Couch to 5K together and try and run together at least once a week.
  • My three step-sons, their partners  and my 4 step grand-children, my mum, my sister, my brother-in-law, my nephews and my mother-in-law (who lives in our garden)
  • The time to read the whole newspaper on a Saturday.
  • Learning new things and taking on new skills – I am currently learning Arabic – it isn’t easy!
  • My friends from church, from university and those I have picked up along the way.
  • The planet, the environment, promoting social justice, fighting inequalities, improving outcomes for disadvantaged children, combatting poverty.
  • Chance to travel and see the world – planning trips and trying to find the very best places to see and stay and eat.
  • Dinners and drinks with friends – I love Thai Tapas.

How to support me

  • Share your passions and your interests – explain them to me and tell me why they are important to you.
  • Give me data and evidence – I am interested in numbers, trends and statistical analysis so show me this if you have it.
  • Give me stories, anecdotes and real examples. They bring things to life.
  • Be clear about how I can help, or what you need from me. If you want help then please just ask – I like to help.
  • Be energised and optimistic – believe in the future

….but also tell me when I am not seeing the real challenges and downsides of a plan of action.

  • Be where you say you will be and, if you can’t do something on time, then please tell me as soon as you realise so I’m not left expecting something.
  • Be nice about others, and kind and respectful – assume positive intent from me and others – most people want to do a good job, and if it appears that someone is not driven by positive intentions then it may be that we haven’t understood their world.
  • Don’t keep secrets – I don’t shoot messengers.  Share news - bad and good – I’m interested either way.
  • Early mornings are not my favourite thing and having a lie in at a weekend helps me respond better to the alarm clock on working days.