Energise Me, in partnership with London Sport and The University of Kent, are pleased to offer Social Prescribers and Health Coaches further training to build on your knowledge.

Course aims:

Overall – To increase the skills and confidence of the attendees in order to understand the importance of being physically active and the role that it has to play with social, mental and physical wellbeing.

Behavioural outcomes:

• Routinely share knowledge with service users on the benefits of physical activity to health outcomes (physical and mental)

• Routinely share knowledge with service users of wider benefits to participating in physical activity

• Use Motivational Interviewing techniques to engage in conversations on physical activity

• Use appropriate behaviour change techniques (BCTs)

• Refer service users to local opportunities to participate in physical activity


The Training is made up of 3 sessions, dates can be found below. Anyone wishing to register must be able to attend all sessions in order to take part in this training offer.

Training dates are:

Session 1 –23rd March 2022 10am-1pm

Session 2 –6th April 2022 10am-1pm

Follow up session –18th May 2022 10am-1pm


Places are limited to allow for the best learning environment.


To book please contact: emily.khural@energiseme.org 


Course Information